Marin Organic


Farmer members:

If you are a certified organic producer (crops, livestock, handlers) in Marin County, we invite you to join Marin Organic.

All members of Marin Organic must be certified organic by a USDA National Organic Program approved certifying agency before being considered for the farmer membership to the organization.

As a member:

  • You’ll have access to our email listserv, a forum for sharing ideas and information that will keep our community strong and connected.
  • We’ll also provide marketing support in the form of digital content on the Marin Organic website and on our Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • Because community will be a big focus of Marin Organic, we’ll also get together from time to time to share some of the delicious food we all grow and produce.


Sponsor members:


If you are an individual, business, or enterprise that wishes to provide continuing support to Marin Organic please consider becoming a sponsor or Marin Organic.


To become a member, or to learn more, click on the CONTACT menu above.